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What do you win by publishing in fotoautos.com?

  • - Entering your vehicles in the most succesfull site to publish and sell.
  • - With fotoautos.com you will have your own webpage in which you will find your cover pictures and updated information of the cars for sale schedules address etc.

  • - Fotoautos.com will make it possible for your clients (sellers or possible buyers) to see in any part of the Inglaterra your cars on the following address www.fotoautos.co.uk/your-dealership-name

  • - You may enter your webpage on your ads business cards etc.

  • - If you wish to hire a web page they will charge you for hoster, maintence, design name inscription etc. This alternative is completely free.

  • - You will have the benefitof maintaining permanently for your cutomers the complete and updated vehicle offers. You may publish your web address in newspapers or magazines in order to sell your vehicles much faster with out having to leave your desk.

  • - You will present a high-tech image by being incorporated online.

  •   Fotosautos.com is part of Chileautos.cl the biggest vehicle selling website in Chile Which has: :
  •   Over 40.000 vehicles for sale online
  •   Over 90.000 page-view a month

What is the price?

NOTHING: 100% FREE for 3 years for all dealerships that wish to enter our site and publish their vehicles during the promotion period. .

Includes: :

  •   Direct page: www.fotoautos.com/dealership
  •   online updating 24/7
  •   Possibility of up to 8 photos per vehicle published and unlimited amount of vehicles
  •   visit counter on your page and on each vehicle.

You just have to call us at our number in Chile (562) 688-4836 · Fax (562) 671-5517 or send us an email to info@fotoautos.com